Oil Change Service Delmont PA

Oil Change Service Delmont PA

Oil Change Service Delmont PA

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It seems like since the dawn of time, drivers have always had a voice in their ears saying “don’t forget to get your oil changed!” And it’s been passed along for so long that, whether you know cars or you just drive them, it seems like common knowledge. But a few questions can arise from being told to change your oil so consistently. That’s why the experts in the service center here at Victory CDJR of Delmont wanted to answer a few of those questions to let you know why it’s so important to change your car’s oil. Keep reading to learn more!

What does engine oil do for my car?

Engine oil has a few different purposes. First and foremost is to lubricate the internals of the engine. Inside your engine, there are a lot of moving parts like valves, pistons, crankshafts, and more. The rhythmic movement of these parts creates a lot of friction which, in turn, creates a lot of heat. In fact, your engine’s normal operating temperature can reach anywhere from 195 to 220 degrees! Oil is circulated throughout the engine to lubricate these parts and prevent them from overheating and eventually grinding to keep your operating temperature in check. While lubrication is the primary function of oil, it also helps get your best MPG by helping the engine run more smoothly and efficiently and it helps keep the engine clean.

When is it time to change my oil?

While most newer models come with an oil change reminder on the driver information display, the most surefire way to know if you need an oil change is to go by the manufacturer’s recommendation. Each vehicle has a specific number of miles to go between oil changes, typically anywhere between 3,000 and 7,000 miles. If you’re not sure how many miles you’ve gone since your last oil change, you can check your oil level on the dipstick. Be sure to check it when the engine has been off for at least twenty minutes and pull the dipstick out, wipe it on a rag, dip it again, and observe the level. If it’s at least halfway between the low and full lines, you’re good! If it’s below half, it’s time to come in for an oil change!

What can happen if I don’t get regular oil changes?

Let’s face it; oil breakdown is unfortunately inevitable. When the oil does break down, you may start to notice rough idling, more than normal engine noise, decreased acceleration, and increased exhaust fumes. Although you can’t completely stop the breakdown of engine oil, you can keep it under control. When you get your oil changed, the old oil gets drained out along with water, dirt, and debris that may be contaminating it. Then once fresh oil is put in, you’re ready to go for thousands of miles.

Get your oil changed at Victory CDJR of Delmont

However you tell if it’s time for an oil change, bring it down to the highly trained service professionals in the service center at the Victory CDJR of Delmont! Here, you can be sure your car is being worked on by certified technicians who will give your vehicle the proper care it deserves to keep you on the road for years into the future. To schedule your oil change appointment, you can call our service center directly or use our online scheduler right here on our website. We look forward to serving you!