Technology Features of the 2022 Wagoneer

Technology Features of the 2022 Wagoneer

Technology Features of the 2022 Wagoneer

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The Wagoneer was first introduced to the Jeep lineup in 1963 and quickly gained buzz as the most luxurious and capable vehicle in its class. Fast-forward 58 years and the Wagoneer has made its long-awaited return, this time as its own extension of the Jeep brand. While holding Jeep’s long heritage close, the 2022 Wagoneer lineup offers some of the most technologically advanced features on the market. From the huge touchscreens to the most advanced Uconnect system yet, the Wagoneer will be bringing some truly amazing technology features. The future of the full-size SUV is here with the 2022 Wagoneer. Keep reading below to learn more!

Uconnect 5 and its Features

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so let’s start with the infotainment software that the 2022 Wagoneer features. Uconnect 5 brings the most advanced technology Jeep has ever offered. One of the most impressive things about Uconnect 5 is how customizable it is. With Uconnect 5 on the 2022 Wagoneer, there are 5 available user profiles in which you can set preferences for things like seat position, climate control, mirror position, entertainment preferences, and more with the push of a button. Uconnect 5 also features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wagoneer owners with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices will be able to utilize all the Alexa features like making a to-do list, playing music, checking the weather, and more all on-the-go in the 2022 Wagoneer. Drivers can also use Alexa to start the Wagoneer remotely and lock or unlock the doors. Uconnect 5 also features navigation, voice recognition, dual phone connectivity, 4G LTE WiFi, and more. Uconnect 5 also syncs with a mobile app to allow you to control your Wagoneer remotely from your smartphone. The 2022 Wagoneer Uconnect 5 will be on a 10.1-inch horizontal touchscreen as the main display on the center console.

Driver Information Display

Driver information can be found on the dash behind the steering wheel. On the 2022 Wagoneer, driving information is digitally displayed on a 10.25-inch frameless screen and offers almost two dozen menu options. You can find a digital speedometer and odometer between analog RPM and MPH displays. Another menu option is turn-by-turn navigation. The digital display can also show driver assists such as lane departure warning, speed limit traffic sign display, adaptive cruise control, and more. Displays like media being played, caller ID, drive modes, and tire pressure are also integrated. Driver information preferences can be added to a user profile in the Uconnect 5 system. 

Head-Up Display (HUD)

The 2022 Wagoneer will also offer a head-up display for drivers to monitor driver information without taking their eyes off the road. Like the infotainment touchscreen and driver information display, the HUD will be fully customizable based on driver preferences. The HUD can display things like speed limit, current speed, navigation, Lane Departure Warning, Lane-Keep Assist, and Adaptive Cruise control. This can also be programmed into a user profile.

Audio Entertainment

Designers of the Wagoneer worked closely with McIntosh, a luxury home audio brand, to create an immersive audio experience for all Wagoneer passengers. Available on the Wagoneer Series III model McIntosh MX950 Sound System. This is a 19-speaker system that includes one strategically placed 10-inch subwoofer. The system is powered by a 17-channel 950-watt amplifier. The audio system is carefully designed to complement the luxurious interior of the 2022 Wagoneer. 

2022 Wagoneer at Victory DCJR of Delmont

The Wagoneer has returned for the 2022 model year as a modern interpretation of a timeless all-American classic. From the 10-inch infotainment display to the head-up display, the Wagoneer brings industry-leading technology to create a driving experience unlike any other. The 2022 Wagoneer has arrived at Victory Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Delmont! If you’re interested in putting one in your driveway, come down to our showroom to work with one of our sales professionals to find the right Wagoneer for you and take a test drive. We look forward to seeing you!